Be Informed About Medical Assistants

In hospitals or clinics, it’s really essential to document all health and medical activities, laboratory examinations and update each patient’s history. The person responsible for these tasks is the medical assistant, not the physician or nurse. This is an important job in the medical field.

Responsibilities of medical assistants include a selection of routine tasks which include administrative assignments, front office and clinical jobs. Greeting patients and answering phone calls are some of the front office tasks of a medical assistant. Duties like handling communication, making appointments, setting up hospital admission and laboratory services, and handling billings are some of the management tasks. For clinical tasks, these involve maintaining medical records and filling out insurance forms.

There are some factors that influence the main responsibilities of a medical assistant. They may differ in terms of the length (time span) of the practice, the spot where the practice has been demonstrated and lastly, it depends on the physician’s field of specialty. For medical assistants with little experience, they are called generalists wherein their principal duties are inclined to medical and administrative factors. They are led by an office manager or a physician. If the opposite takes place, medical assistants are assigned in particular areas and typically led by department administrators.

There are rewards given to medical assistants that have experienced longer coverage in practical training. As a well-known example of medical assistants with adequate practice, are those who are able to accomplish an associate degree. Those with an associate degree earned through medical assistant schools have greater probability of getting the job than those who go through minimal training or no training at all.

Companies typically employ medical assistants who are graduates of known programs. These programs are completed through vocational-technical schools, as well as postsecondary vocational schools. Furthermore, junior and community colleges offer these types of programs as well. It takes a year to earn a diploma or certificate through postsecondary programs while you need to complete two years to earn an associate degree.

A misconception that many people have, at times, is that medical assistants are the same as physician’s assistants when in fact they are not. Physician’s assistants are still under the physician’s supervision, though they still have some main responsibilities to conduct like examining, diagnosing, and treating patients under the direction of a physician.

Being a medical assistant may not require you to obtain a higher educational degree but one of its drawbacks fall on their skills and abilities to perform the tasks properly. The only requirement is just obtaining or garnering a high school diploma is sufficient but the skills acquisition is very important. Nevertheless, these medical assistants do not have official education or training at all.

Another thing to consider when researching a possible career in medical assistants is the yearly income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, the average yearly medical assistant salary is $24,610 (this data has been published last 2004). Actually, the salary of every medical assistant may differ due to some factors that are mentioned above.
Generally, although medical assistants are not ranked as one of the highly paid jobs but they play a significant role inside a clinic or a hospital.