Career Work Load for a Pharmacist

Pharmacists distribute drugs prescribed by physicians and licensed health care practitioners. The primary duty of a pharmacy technician is to provide assistance to the pharmacists in their work responsibilities. The duties of the pharmacy technician usually differ from one location to another. In some facilities, pharmacy technicians answer telephone calls, handle money, and perform computer tasks and stock medicines. Some hospitals let the pharmacy technician do higher responsibilities like assisting in the filling of physicians order for medications and preparing charge slips. Some responsibilities may also depend on the qualifications. The duties of pharmacy technicians involve providing medication and other health products to the patients. They also have to prepare the prescribed medications and provide medicines to the patients. They may also have to check all medications before they give it to the patients. Some may be asked to counsel the patients for the proper use of medications.

There are employers that seek pharmacy technicians that have an experience and a completed formal training or those that are certified. Trainings are offered in colleges and in hospitals. Community colleges also provide training that includes internship, extensive educational programs and some may earn an associate degree, certificate or diploma. Knowledge and understanding with managing inventory, measuring dosages, counting tablets, and computer knowledge is particularly ideal. Persons wanting to have pharmacy technician positions cannot have previous records of substance or drug abuse. Certification for pharmacy technicians is given by two accredited organizations which are the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians. Certification is typically not obligatory though some States possibly will oblige it. Certification is a plus when applying for a pharmacy technician position.

Today, almost all employs look for pharmacy technicians that has a certification or an associate degree from a technical college. One must be able to select a program that can provide a deeper training that can increase the salary and the career options for the aspiring pharmacy technicians. Most of these programs take less than a year to be completed. There are shorter programs that may give a person not enough knowledge to pass the pharmacist technician certification exam. Graduates from formal training programs are equipped to take the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, which confirms that the pharmacy technician has complied with the acceptable standard of pharmaceutical understanding. A certified technician needs to recertify every two years and must complete a certain number of training hours to be qualified.

So how much does a pharmacy technician makes? The median hourly wage of a pharmacy technician is $16. Some may earn a salary which is between $12 and $18. This makes this pharmacy technician earn $27,000 to $37,000 a year. The lowest paid salary is below $10 and the highest paid earns more than $20. The salary of these pharmacy technicians may increase depending on the education level, working experience and the location of the health facility. Those who have a certificate or a degree earns more. Those pharmacy technicians working in a city that pays more can expect to receive a higher pay.