Seek Education from a College or Technical School?

We all know that education is a practice of learning and knowing, which is not limited only on text-books. Education is also a holistic and a lifelong process. The regular happenings and trials around us educate us in any other way. It is also not an amplification to say that the existence of us human […]

Be Informed About Medical Assistants

In hospitals or clinics, it’s really essential to document all health and medical activities, laboratory examinations and update each patient’s history. The person responsible for these tasks is the medical assistant, not the physician or nurse. This is an important job in the medical field. Responsibilities of medical assistants include a selection of routine tasks […]

X Ray Tech Job Layout and Description

An x ray technician is a highly skilled medical professional whose specialty lies in the radiology department. Oftentimes, an x ray technician is also called a radiologist technician. An x ray technician prepares patients and takes x ray films of various parts of the body for diagnostic purposes. They can work inside hospital establishments alongside […]

I Am the Surgeons Right Hand

Surgical technicians or better known as operating room technicians helps out in different surgical operations under the direction of the surgeon, nurses and other members of the surgical team. The important duty of the surgical technologist is to guarantee that all of the needed equipments and instruments are ready and is in a good working […]

Life as an ECG or EKG Technician

ECG Technicians are cardiovascular technicians that trace out electrical impulses transmitted by the heart.  The ECG test is done by attaching the electrodes to the patient’s arms, legs and chest. The ECG machine will then produce a reading that is printed out and evaluated by the physician. This test is very common and is done […]