www.readingplus.com/support – Online Support

If you are using the reading plus learn to reprogram, you can reach their support staff through www.readingplus.com/support 24 hours a day seven days a week. Simply select the program you are wanting to get support with whether it is reading plus support or visagraph support. After you have select the program in which you […]

Early Start gives Kids a Chance for A great Career

Giving kids an early start with their education will jump start them into a career minded focus in life. One such career choice that we like here at maine reading is that of a veterinary assistant. Children usually have a strong bond with animals from an early age and its a great career choice to […]

Seek Education from a College or Technical School?

We all know that education is a practice of learning and knowing, which is not limited only on text-books. Education is also a holistic and a lifelong process. The regular happenings and trials around us educate us in any other way. It is also not an amplification to say that the existence of us human […]

Reading Comprehension Workshops or Lessons

All too often our children prefer the company of a video game or television to the company of a good book. As a parent do you feel that maybe your child is lacking some reading skills? It is not only our public school systems are responsible for giving our children the necessary education that they […]

Maine Reading Association

Many teachers and parents alike are actively involved in literacy initiatives throughout the state of Maine and New England. Their goals are a long commitment to exercise and instill in our children high quality reading and language arts. The efforts of people like this go a long way to ensure that our children have the […]