I Am the Surgeons Right Hand

Surgical technicians or better known as operating room technicians helps out in
different surgical operations under the direction of the surgeon, nurses and other members of
the surgical team. The important duty of the surgical technologist is to guarantee that all of the
needed equipments and instruments are ready and is in a good working condition. The surgical
technician is responsible in preparing and transporting the patient for surgery by positioning
them on the operating room table and doing prepping like shaving and disinfection of the
site to be incised. It is also part of their responsibility where they have to check the patient’s
vital signs. Before the procedure, the surgical technician must assemble and organize all the
supplies and prepares it on the sterile table. They also have to assist the surgeons in gowning
and gloving. During the surgery, the surgical technician counts the instruments before and after
surgery. They also hands the instruments to the surgeon. It is important for a surgical technician
to be aware about different instruments and to anticipate what the doctor needs. It is also part
of their responsibility to assist the surgeon in doing dressings.

After the surgery, the surgical technician helps transport the patient from the operating
room to the recovery room. They should ensure that the patient is comfortable. After that, they
clean the operating room and keep it sterile, preparing it for the next operation. The surgical
technician also cleans the instruments. Being a surgical technician it is also crucial to keep the
environment safe and importantly sterile. With the kind of work that surgical technicians have,
they must expect that they will be standing for long hours. So it is important for one to have a
good sleep to keep them awake. Taking into consideration the important duties of the surgical
technician, it is not shocking to know that this profession has been growing for years and years.
Health care institutions may be growing in a very fast pace, giving surgical technicians a good
job and salary.

To be a surgical technician one must complete a program from an accredited surgical
technician school. Having a surgical technician education is the first step to a person’s career.
It is a requirement that one should have a high school diploma. Once accepted in that school,
surgical technician education starts and one has to attend subjects like anatomy. The school
will also teach a person on surgical instruments and the various surgeries. A person must meet
all the requirements imposed by the school. Choosing an accredited school is also important
because it is understood that a person received the best surgical technician education. After
which, the person will decide whether he or she wants to take a certification exam. Having a
certification will give an individual an edge. Having a certification is also a step for a surgical
technician to take specializations.

A surgical technician’s salary depends on the certification earned. Having a certification
will give a person the greatest potential to earn more. The salary also depends on the state of
residency or work. The surgical technicians salary may range from $29,000-$40,000 a year.