Life as an ECG or EKG Technician

ECG Technicians are cardiovascular technicians that trace out electrical impulses transmitted by the heart.  The ECG test is done by attaching the electrodes to the patient’s arms, legs and chest. The ECG machine will then produce a reading that is printed out and evaluated by the physician. This test is very common and is done for patients with cardiovascular problems and as part of the physical examination for adults.  ECG Technicians having an advanced training can perform Stress test or Holter monitoring. A holter monitoring is monitoring the heart activity of the patient even in a normal activity wherein an ECG monitor is attached to the patient’s belt and eight electrodes are attached to the chest. The results are then printed out and interpreted. This will also help in diagnosing any heart problems. The stress test is done wherein the technician records the ECG results of the patient when walking or running on a treadmill.

Right preparations are needed in becoming an electrocardiograph technician. A right ECG technician education and training will improve one’s job opportunities. The first step is to have an adequate training that can help a person achieve his or her goals to become an ECG technician. ECG technician schools offer programs that consist of theoretical and practical trainings. These trainings are available from a number of ECG technician schools like colleges or technical schools. A four year degree in not required to become an ECG technician but advanced trainings need the completion of a four year program. ECG technician schools also offer specializations on Holter monitoring, stress test and cardiac catheterization. Technicians also gain on the job training experience that lasts for 8 to 16 weeks. Theoretical classes include biology, computer, medical technology and also health courses. Before admission to a ECG technician school a high school diploma or GED is needed. After finishing the program, one does not need to be licensed or certified but this depends on the state’s medical board. But for those who wanted to have a certification, there are certification institutions available in every state. Certification and licensing will give an ECG technician in a better position in clinics, hospitals and other health institutions. Having an ECG technician education varies on the program that a person has enrolled in if it is a two year or four year program. There are some colleges or state that offers effective and efficient way in ECG training’s.  These schools may cost a little expensive for tuition and fees.

ECG technician’s salary ranges from about $25,000 to $75,000 a year. The average salary for an ECG technician is $40,000. But, salary really depends on a lot of factors like educational qualification, work experience and whether the job is full time or part time. Those ECG technicians with less than a year of experience may earn $9 to $15 an hour. However, those with more than a year of experience may earn from $10-$20 an hour.  Those who have certificates or license are being paid more than those who does not have that since a certification will prove how competent and efficient a person is.