Reading Comprehension Workshops or Lessons

All too often our children prefer the company of a video game or television to the company of a good book. As a parent do you feel that maybe your child is lacking some reading skills? It is not only our public school systems are responsible for giving our children the necessary education that they need to thrive as adults, it is also our responsibility as adults and parents. Not only is reading important, but understanding what one is reading and really, but it is also important to be able to grasp the full concept of the author’s thoughts and ideas.

Children and teenagers who enjoy reading, in general, have been known to have higher IQ’s, are more creative, do better in school and college therefore leading to a more successful career. Children who start reading from an early age will generally develop better language skills and they will be able to grasp the variances in phonics quicker, easier and better. The What are some reading workshops or lessons that you as a parent can and still have your children while they’re young?

Lessons vocabulary in context sentences:

Vocabulary in context sentences allows children and students to master commonly confused and misused words. Some of these misused terms or words are as follows: accept or except and precede and proceed. A lesson in vocabulary context sentences is generally designed for a child is reading at a great level of 4 to 6 grade. However advanced classes or lessons can be presented to students who are reading at grade level 7 to 9 as well.

Reading for understanding:

What exactly is reading or understanding? Reading for understanding helps a student or child to master specific reading skills such as finding the main idea of a passage, factual recall, vocabulary, inference, sequence and being able to draw conclusions. These are skills that are many times overlooked, or only briefly touched upon in our public school systems. Reading for understanding the lessons are designed for children or students who can read at grade levels 5 to 8. Advanced classes are designed for older children who can read from grade levels 8 to 11.

Reading strategy:

If your child or student is showing the ability to comprehend what they are reading and need help to develop an ability to make inferences, then a reading strategy lesson or workshop will be of great benefit. Basic classes are designed for a student who has a reading grade level of 5 to 8, while more advanced classes are designed for students who are able to read at grade levels 8 to 11.